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Select a tariff you are interested in. Investments are made around the clock using any of the available tariff plans. The investor receives a profit and the deposit itself in the currency of the investment and to the same payment details.

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We continue to research and improve technologies for the development of mining equipment.
Investments will be directed to:
  • development of new equipment
  • development of the staff
  • opening of new farms

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We offer 3 levels of partner program

  • 8%1 level
  • 3%2 level
  • 1%3 level
Maskpay offers its partners a referral program of 3 levels.

Attract new investors and earn money with them up to 10% of the amount of all deposits.

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03 Choose a partner
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Partner program

A unique offer for those who want to turn Maskpay advertising into a full-fledged business. Access is given if the required amount is available on the balance in the personal account.

If you have a special offer for us, please contact us.
Investing with Maskpay, you earn up to 10% from the referral program.
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